Thursday, March 31, 2005

first in over a year

Dang....stuff sure has changed. A friend of mine was telling me that he started a blog last week. I remembered that I'd started one a while back, due to an assignment in a digital media art class...a project designed to plunge me deeper into cyber culture or something like that I think, don't know if it worked or not, but I decided to check out my old stuff. Man its strange to see where a year can take you. Seemed like all of my thoughts then were focused on what I'd be doing now and honestly none of them were right. Good think I used all that time and energy trying to figure it out I guess.

Well the internship thing turned into a job, thats where I am now. Im a video editor at a good production place in Birmingham. I still live close to the universtiy I graduated from, but thats changing soon. I never got to go back to Brasil but lots of my friends have. I went to beach project and was a team leader and decided that I really wasn't cut out for CO style ministry state side at least. I hated all the staff meetings and disagree with the way they do a lot of stuff. Good to find out I suppose. In the old posts from my other blog (maybe I can link them, I dont know) I talked about asking girls out my last semester of school. I think I remember the girl that I was thinking of specifically at that time....Sharron. Man, missed the boat on that one. I posted something about asking girls out in November, and when I got back from Christmas break I was sure I was going to ask her out, becuase I'd be seeing her more because she was going to be living on campus. Well I started looking and finally asked one of her friends where the heck she was, and she promplty told me she got married over the break. Well...looks like I would have just got shot down there anyway.

Since graduating Ive become an adult I least kind of. I have a real job with salary, insurance, an hour commute, and bills that I hate paying. I also feel fat and lazy because I sit on my ass all day and look at a computer screen. All in all being an adult kind of sucks. Im hoping that it will get better. Ive tried to start writing a book, didn't really get real far, but I haven't given up just yet. I'm also trying to be a better guitar player, again not getting very far. I want to write songs, and I started one yesterday. Seems good, but still a little ways to go.

Im not sure how I feel about the real world just yet, guess thats why Im starting a blog, to give me an outlet for thoughts about it. Hopefully future posts wont be so scattered, but Im not getting my hopes up.

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