Sunday, November 26, 2006

some high-points from my holiday...

(not necessarily in order of fantastic-ness)

1. learning a little about Flame...

2. watching "Walk the Line" with my dad... favorite lines by far...

"Mr. Cash your fans are Christians. They don't want to hear a record of you live from a prison, trying to cheer up murderers and convicts."

"Well, they must not be Christians."

3. realizing why I have a good relationship with Pop. We'd both much rather talk than watch TV... even if all we talk about is SEC football.

4. drinking beer with gene.

5. beating super mario brothers 1 (NES) in less than 8 minutes. yes, it can be done. the guys in the video below did it in less than 6. i've still got some work to do.


Anonymous said...

sounds like it was a good one.
hey, that video is awesome
So props to you for being able
to beat the game in 8 min.

Rick said...


You wanna know how bad I was at Super Mario Bros? In my lifetime, I've beat it...1 time. I always died on that level when you had to jump from one skinny pillar to another.

Jason Harmon said...

Hey Rick, I feel your angst. In my childhood years, in all the hours I invested in that Nintendo, I beat SMB one time.
Its strangely satisfying, but simultaneously sad, that what I couldn't do in years as a child I can do in roughly 6 minutes now.
The whole of my childhood is summed up in less time than it takes me to get to work in the morning.
Oh well... maybe I can enter some contests or something.

Anonymous said...

That Gene is a cool guy, but Thanksgiving was like 3 weeks ago. I want more stories!