Saturday, October 18, 2008

would this be too offensive...

So the Phillies are in the World Series.  In all likelyhood the Rays will be in.  This got me thinking.  My buddy Allen lives in Tampa, I live in Philly... we need to finally work together on something.  

We're brainstorming.  Here's the direction that I'm leaning.  I find it amazingly interesting that people are talking about how the Rays rise from being the worst team in baseball last year, to the best this year... has something to do with it being the same year that they had a PR make over, changing their name from the Tampa Bay Devil Rays to now simply the Rays.  People have, perhaps only jokingly, said that now the Lord is on their side.  Allen says people in Tampa actually talk about that a good bit.

I think it'd be pretty amazing to sell World Series Indulgences at bars.  You know like the Catholics used to do so families could buy their dead relatives out of purgatory.  I want to get a Rosary Box or some kind of old looking box and decorate it with a blend of religious iconography and baseball memorabilia, make a paper pad of indulgences and let people purchase them.  I'd like to make a couple of these little altars and install them in a couple neighborhood bars.  I'd like to let people write prayers and drop in the box as well.  It'd be cool to take some photos to document it too.  Would that be too offensive, or just the right amount of blasphemy?


G. Twilley said...

cultural commentary. Investigative demography. nothing of offense (imo).

mcclure adoption said...

do it. people used to leave messages in this old teapot at o's for each other or no one in particular. some left movie stubs, all kinds of random "finish this storyline", etc. i loved reading what was in it from time to time, contributing, and cleaning it out. it would be so fun to read what kind of stuff people put in it. perfect blog material too.

love the image you posted. i mean, if it were football, and you were on the opposite team, would you sack Jesus? ...could you?