Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Its been a while...

Haven't really wanted to write much as of late. I don't feel that its because my mind isn't active. I think it could be the opposite.
I went to Montevallo this weekend to visit Jeff. Montevallo on Saturday afternoon makes me miss Matt, Stephen, and Allen. I have to say some of my favorite times at Montevallo was in the presense of those guys. I also have to say that all of my favorite times were by no means limited to hanging out with them.
Jeff and I went up to visit Patrick. Walking up the middle stair well in Fuller always brings a flood of memories. I remember making the decision to move there based soely on the fact that I didn't know and Christians living there. I remember hanging out with Heather there, how fun it was for a time, then how quickly it all turned sour. Its funny that I can never put my finger on how or why. I remember playing intramurals, and my knees hurting so bad I could barely make it up or down those same stiars. I remember the week I called stuff with Micah off.
I think my favorite times in Fuller though were when Stephen, Allen and I had just got done doing the TV show, and it was quiet, and it was just me and that gigantic loft that the largest man I know had built so many years ago. I remember feeling like I had accomplished somehting. Part of it was shallow. Most of it was deeper. I miss being in school. I honestly considered starting back as I was leaving. I have a bad habit of casting rather forgiving lights on my past though. I think Mark Twain said, "its all together human to make a habit of remembering things that didn't happen." Im not sure if I do that...maybe, but I know I have a romantic view of the things that did.
Anyway, in short, I want the people that I loved so much in Montevallo to still be around, haning out with me in my dorm room and in the caf. Watching me do a not so stellar job playing ultimate frisbee. Telling me that the art I was making was good, or at least had potential. I want to see the art that they're making. I want to make them laugh, and hear about the shit that they take from the other people around them.
I guess that wasn't as short of a thought as I hoped I could make it. Oh well.


BlogsFan said...


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jeff said...

Good thoughts Jason, I think I can relate to romanticizing the past. good point.